Application for admission must be made on the prescribed form, obtainable in the college office, together with a conduct certificate from the Head of the marks secured by the candidate at the Intermediate Examination.
        Candidates belonging to Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Caste, Backward Classes (Annexure- I & II) or Momin Students should also submit a copy of the Cast Certificate obtained only from the S.D.O.of the candidates native place and attested by a Gusted /  Concerning Officer.
        Seats are reserved for Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes OBC - I and OBC - II students respectively ( as per prescribed norms).
        The remaining seats are general seats, to which admission will be by selection on the basis of marks secured at the qualifying examination, according to the regulation of the University.
        Selected Candidates will submit all original marksheet, character certificate School/College leaving Certificate from the Institution in which the candidates last studied, along with three passport size photographs, caste Certificate for SC,ST,OBC-I and OBC - II students at the time of admission.
        Those candidates migrating from other states, if selected for admission, must also submit at the time of admission the Original Migration Certificate.


Duration of Course:

The Bachelor of ArtsScience (Honours) course shall cover a period of three acadmic year and shall be known as the first year of study as the B.A/B.Sc. (Hons.) Part-I in the
Second year of study as the B.A./BSc.(Hons) Part- II and and in the third year of study as the B.A./B.Sc. (Hons) Part - III course.
Qualification for admission:
A students may be admitted to the course of instruction for the degree of Bachelor or Arts/Science (Honors) if he/she has passed the Intermediate Examination of Board/ University established or any other examination recognized by the University as equivalent there to.
Provided that for admission to the course of instruction for the Honours degree in any subject it shall be necessary for a students to have obtain 45% marks at the Intermediate Examination in the subject concerned, or in an allied subject as determined by the Academic Council in case the subject was not prescribed for study at the Intermediate level.
Provided further that a student shall be eligible for admission to the Honours course in any subject of Arts even though He/She has not studied the subject concerned at the Intermediate examination in Science or Commerce with not less than 45% marks in the aggregate. 


A candidate for the B.A/B.Sc. (Honours) examination shall be required to offer and be examined in one Honours comprising eight paper, two subsidiary comprising four papers, one/two languages, as composition comprising two papers and one paper on General studies totaling fifteen papers, divided into five papers for each part of the course according to the following structure.
Bachelor of Arts (B.A) Honours:

A candidate for the B.A.(Hons) exam. shall choose any one Hons subject from the following:

English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu, Economics, History, Political Science, Philosophy, Psychology, mathematics.

Provided that if a candidate choose one of the language & literature subject as the Honours subject, He/she may be allowed to choose not more than one other language & literature subject as a subsidiary subject.

Any two of the Subsidiary Subjects:

English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu, Economics, History, Political Science, Philosophy, Psychology, Mathematics.

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Honours:
A candidate for the B.Sc. (hons.) Examination shall choose one Hons. Subject and two subsidiary subjects from the following:
    Mathematics & Chemistry
    Math/Botany & Physics/Zoology
    Physics & Chemistry
    Zoology & Chemistry
    Botany  & Chemistry
A candidates shall choose either (A) or (B) of composition.

    (a) Hindi - One full paper of 100 marks for each of the part- I and
      part- II examination.

    (b) Hindi - (50 Marks) and one of the following language (English,
        Urdu, Sanskrit)

There shall be a university examination at the end of the first, second and he third year of study to be known respectively as the B.A/B.Sc.(Honours) Part- I, part- II and Part- III Examination. No student shall be admitted to the B.A/B.Sc.(Honours) Part- II, class unless he/she has passed the B.A./B.Sc. (Honours) Part-I examination and to the part - III class unless she has passed the part - II examination.
Provided that if a student fails in or fails to appear at, not more than two subjects at the B.A/B.Sc.(Honours) Part - II examination he/she shall be promoted to the next higher class but he/she shall not be eligible for admission to the B.A./B.Sc. (Honures) Part-III class unless he/she passed the B.A/B.Sc. (Honours) Part- I Examination in the subject/subject concerned.
Provided further that this facility for appearing in such carry over subject/subjects shall be available to a student at not more than three consecutie examination.


Fees are paid at the time of admission and at the beginning of each Academic Year The amount to be paid for the year will be intimated time to time.
  The Master of Arts/Science course shall covered a period of two academic year and shall be known as the first year of study as the M.A./M/Sc.(Previous) or in the second year as the M.A/M.Sc. (Final)
A Students may be admitted to the course of instruction for the master of Arts/Science if He/She has passed the Bachelor examination by the recognized university.
Provided that for admission to the course of instruction for the Master Degree in any subject it shall be necessary a students to have obtain 45% marks at the Bachelor Examination in the subject concerned.
Each of these papers shall carry 100 marks:
A candidates for M.A / M.Sc. examination shall choose any one subject from the following:- Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botnay, Economics, Political Science, English, Hindi etc.

There shall be a university examination at the end of the first year known as previous year and at the end of the second year respectively known as final year. It will consist eight papers in each years.


    All students are to conform to the disciplinary Rules.
        Students are expected to be punctual at the lectures and tutorials.
        Students absent at the rill-call would forfeit their attendance. Students will submit a leave application whenever they are absent.
        Student may spend their non-lecture hours either in silent study in the library or in re creative talk in the Common Room.
        Courtesy, Politeness, must always characterizes student of Anugrah Narayan Singh College.
        No student will leave the college premises without the principals permission, except to go home after the lectures are over.
        No visitors for students are allowed during lecture hours.
        Students changing their residence must notify the principal without delay.
        Students will follow the dress code of the college, i.e. for Girls (White Salvar , Red Sameez, & white dupatta) and Boys (Black Pant & Off White Shirt) and both were formal shoes.
        Students will always keep the college identity cards around their neck in the college premises.
        Mobile phones are not allowed in the college premises.
        75% attendance is compulsory (60% attendance for those with medical reasons, a medical certificate to be submitted at the time of illness.)

In any case if the student is willing to take transfer/ college leaving certificate he/she has to fill a prescribed form available at the college sales counter on payment with following rules:-
        The student has to pay a requisite fee for T.C./ C.L.C. at the office sales counter.
        The student has to take No objection Certificate from the Admission & Examination section.
        Student has also to take objection Certificate from Library, Common Room, Sports deptt., all subject laboratory, NCC, NSS etc.
        Lastly, The student is directed to fill the prescribed form along with the attachment of no dues certificate with requisite fee and deposit the form in the T.C./ C.L.C. counter.

        The  college family believes  that value based learning has a great relevance in a dynamic and ever changing environment. For overall growth of students college undertakes the following activities.
        Debates: Debates are organized from time to time. The objective of conducting these debates is that, the student gain confidence in public speaking, get the knowledge of the ground realities on the particular topic, develop their personalities.
        Seminars: The college also organizes National and Regional seminars to enhance interactions.
        Anugraha jayanti: On the auspicious occasion of th birthday of Dr. Anugrah Narayan Singh on 18th June, every year this occasion is celebrated in the college premises.
        Programmes are also organized on the  Annual sports day, National holiday etc.
        Sports: Sports is an eminent parts of curriculum. Adequate facilities are available in our sports deptt. of college in Football, Valleyball, Cricket, Hokey, Badminton, table Tennis, Carom Board, Chess etc, in our college. Our college is enlarging plans regarding sports for future prospect of the students, so that they can taken keen interest in sports for their physical and mental and overall development. Big space is provided for indoor games in our premises.
        Common Roo: The college has well equipped separate common room for Boys & Girls with an instructor. This facility is provided only after producing the current session identity card.

                    In the academic year the college bring out the magazine ‘Vibhut’. The Magazine Committee consist of editorial board and an additional board of students who are talented writes and show creative effervescence and give exuberant and whole hearted support. A huge reservoir of talent is tapped through a competition to design the cover magazine by the department of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Sales Management.

Students Discipline Committee
One Proctor and two Deputy Proctor are assigned by university as Proctorial Board in order to maintain the disciplines in the College campus.

Rules For Cycle Stand
  The college has provided the parking facilities for the students with token facilities, If the students park their cycle without token the caretaker and college administration will not be held responsible for that.

      The college reserves the right to delete or to modify provisions not covered in the prospectus.