Co-ordinator: Dr. Amar Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry

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NAAC was established in 1994 as UGC autonomous body. Its accreditation is mandatory for all the higher learning institutes particularly state universities which makes this institutes eligible for UGC grants  etc.
NAAC accreditation helps the institutes to reflect upon its SWOC (strenghth, weakness, opportunities and challenges), internal areas of planning and allocation of resources and initiate modern and innovative methods of pedagogy. Funding agency to this institutes re benefitted as their an objective data to help them in their funding decision. Students are benefitted as NAAC grades help them to choose best hei.
ANS College Barh, as envisioned in its vision and mission statement is committed to impart quality higher education and skilled among the students in order to create a quality human resource for the country/society along with inculcating human, social, democratic environment for nationalistic values in them.
To further strengthen its resolve towards achieving the aforesaid statement, ANS College Barh has decided to put itself NAAC accreditation process to identify its weakness and challenges and find new opportunities to serve the society in best possible way.
We have started our journey.......towards NAAC accreditation
Miles to go..