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National Science Day Celebration, 2019
Anugrah Narayan Singh College, Barh, Patna

National Science Day was celebrated at Anugrah Narayan Singh College, Barh, Patna, on 28th February 2019 in order to commemorate the discovery of the Raman Effect in India by the Indian physicist, Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman in the year 1928. for which he was awarded with the Nobel Prize in Physics in the year 1930. The theme of this year was “Science for the People and People for Science”.
The session was opened by lighting of lamps followed by Saraswati Vandana. Our Principal Dr. Indrajit Prasad Roy in his welcome address briefed the gathering about the objectives of celebrating National Science Day. He discussed how the contribution of Science and Technology has revolutionized our day-to-day activities and made our life much easier. This was followed by a pep talk by Dr. Satyendra Jha, HOD Department of Sanskrit, on contribution of science on better of mankind.
A series of lectures was organized starting with an enlightening lecture by Dr. Binod Kumar Jha, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science who elaborated on different socio-economic, philosophical and ethical views on scientific development. 
Dr. Amar Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of chemistry presented his lecture on need of sustainble development and how it is of utmost importance to add “conscience into science”.
Dr. Suhovan Paladhi, Assistant Professor and HOD, Department of chemistry, shared some interesting stories about Sir C. V. Raman and then elaborated about cholesterol.
Dr. Rajnish kumar, Assistant Professor and HOD, Department of Physics, enlightened the audience about Raman Effect and why it is such an important discovery.
Dr. Ashok kumar singh, Department of Psychology presented his views on the theme of national Science Day.
This was followed by an interesting lecture by Professor Vinay Kumar, HOD, Department of History who elaborated on different historical development and how science influenced mankind in different eras. He also presented the vote of thanks concluding the lecture session.
The lecture session was followed by high tea.
A discussion session was organized in the second half for deliberation on the betterment of academic environment and how to propagate science and scientific culture among students and also in general public. Following suggestions/ideas came up during the discussion:
It was strongly felt that most of the students are coming from Hindi language background and are unable to communicate freely in English language. Almost every good book in science is in English. Extra classes in English is needed. Unfortunately the Department of English is vacant and there is an urgent need for revival of the department. 
Alternative arrangement in the form of MOOCs and SWAYAM courses is needed. Despite having a provision for SWAYAM centre no space has been provided despite several request been made to the previous principals. It was strongly felt that such a centre should exist with all facilities such as digital classroom, computer, printer etc. This will facilitate showing different lectures given by eminent professors of other universities.
Subscription of science journals in the library
Allocation of “Seed Funds” for different Science departments which can help them to run projects that can enhance the skills of student and also help them to understand current problems like waste management etc. in the society and find some innovative solutions for it. This will also promote entrepreneurial ability among students.
Finally the event concluded with group photography.
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